20 March 2024

Durham's Strategic Research Fund for JusTN0W is live!

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Durham's Strategic Research Fund - 20/03/2024

I have been involved, as a Co-Investigator, in the development of Durham's Strategic Research Fund, JusTN0W. The University has committed £5 million over four years to this project. The SRF aims to stimulate growth for the University through substantial investments in research capability and infrastructure. We seek to enhance our reputation and research by increasing our academic capacity and recruiting exceptional staff to join our institution, not only to generate significant growth in research income but also with a view to establishing robust pipelines of diverse talent.

5 November 2023

Fireside Chat and Judging at DurHack2023

Amir Atapour News

DurHack - Fireside Chat and Judging - 05/11/2023

I was invited to the DurHack2023 to take part in fireside chat regarding my research on Anomaly Detection, as well as judging the projects developed by the participants.

3 October 2023

Silicon Republic Profile Article

Source: https://bit.ly/silicon-profile.

Amir Atapour News

Publication of Profile in Silicon Republic - 03/10/2023

In this article, published on the Silicon Republic website, my research within the various areas of machine learning, deep learning and AI systems as well as my wider research interests in general are highlighted, alongside other interesting discussions, focusing on cutting-research in AI and my history as an academic and researcher.

13 September 2023

Appointment to Durham University Senate

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Election to Academic Electoral Assembly and Senate - 13/09/2023

I successfully took part in the Academic Electoral Assembly (AEA) Standing Committee Elections 2023 and am now a member of the Senate. The Senate's role is to promote, oversee and regulate the teaching and research work of the University. Senate is also an academic governance and regulatory body, having responsibility for decision-making on particular academic matters, a debating forum for key academic issues and dissemination.

18 August 2023

Thought Leadership Article

Source: URL.

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Non-technical Article Publication - 18/08/2023

In this article, published on the Durham University website, I share my research insights in machine learning and AI systems and how they can be used for better diagnostic process of skin lesions, as well as my wider research interests in general.

17 August 2023

News Page Launch

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News page launched on this website!